IPPC Solution

CHIMEC, thanks to its long experience in this sector, can offer to the clients a dedicated consultancy for design and planning of monitoring management plans, in compliance with national and international regulations for new and already existing plants.

The IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) is the European directive on the integrated pollution prevention.
The aim of IPPC is the reduction of any kind of emissions related to air, water, soil and waste.
The directive also demands the use of the best techniques available (BAT, Best Available Techniques) for preventing pollution.

Thanks to his yearly experience in this sector, CHIMEC can offer to the clients a dedicated consultancy for the design and planning of the monitoring activities in compliance with national and international regulations. CHIMEC may be the trustworthy partner for the management of the odour emissions technically supporting the client in dealing with the authorities accountable for surveillance and control.

Thanks to our eKO program, CHIMEC is able to:

  • Provide to the client the state-of-the-art technology in compliance with IPPC guidelines.
  • Design a tailored solution capable to solve the detected issues, through Certified Olfactometric Analysis and state-of-the-art olfactory electronic systems.
  • Guarantee the emissions reduction with the aim to decrease the impact on the surrounding receptors.
  • Minimize consumption and consequently treatment costs through SensElab specific management systems.
  • Support the client for the whole process with his consultants and specialists always present on site.