eKO Program (emission Knock-Out)

eKO provides a 360-degree management of the odour emissions issues. The four-steps-program involves: Mapping, Characterization, eKO Shield implementation and Monitoring. It also takes advantages of the state-of-the-art olfactory electronic systems.


Identification of the principal emission sources, distinguishing between point, convey, diffuse and fugitive sources. Identification of the principal perceptive receptors. Preliminary qualitative evaluation of the potentially present odorous substances. Mapping and monitoring can take advantage of the use of mobile electronic nose CHIMEC, EOS Portable (by Sacmi).


Sampling and speciation of the odorous emissions, chemical analysis and quantification of the chemical compounds. Sampling and quantification of the odorous emission through the determination of the concentration expressed in European Odorimetric Unit for a cubic meter (OUE/m3) and of the odour flow rate (OUE/s) according to UNI EN 13725:2004. Evaluation of the olfactive impact of the odour emissions on the territory through the simulation of the dispersion in the atmosphere (mathematical models for dispersion and re-entry of the odour particles).

eKO Shield

Tailored programs of prevention, mitigation and abatement of the odorous emissions through “ecofriendly” products, which are certified for efficiency and environmental safety.

All our products were tested and certified to guarantee the safety of the people operating on site, they are allergen-free and do not irritate or affect skin and eyes.

The service we offer includes a constant optimization of the cost/efficiency ratio of the odour abatement system. To this end we use specific sensors located nearby the emissions sources. Monitoring and control of the treatment can be made in remote through a dedicated web platform (SensElab).


Certified dynamic olfactometric campaigns for the determination of the odour concentration carried on in function of the type of activity, geography of the site, climate and season influences. Use of fix electronic olfactory systems (EOS Ambiente, by Sacmi) for the in continuous monitoring (h24) of the olfactive impact on the territory and the creation of an available database of the emissive events.

The electronic noses EOS Portable and EOS Ambiente by Sacmi, a useful tool to integrate dynamic olfactometry in recognizing and quantifying the odour emissions, allowing a continuous monitoring of the site.